Our mission is to promote growth, enthusiasm, and leadership by empowering team members and customers with strong experiences rooted in integrity and a driven nature of providing value to others. Furthermore, we will provide top rated food safety, high quality materials, advanced industry knowledge, and superior service that can be identified by every customer.

BlendTech President, Mike Casamento, has a long history in spice production and has served as a consultant in operations and plant design for a number of food processing companies. He spent a decade as Vice President of Food Flavors Company in Wichita, Kansas. After that company was purchased by Chr Hansen of Denmark, Mike continued as its Vice President of dry spice operations before forming BlendTech in 1999.

Since its founding, BlendTech has grown to become a respected name in the food industry, functioning as an extension of our clients’ operations, and assisting with a wide range of key issues including: